Session Vocalist
- Your song is written, and now all you need is some top notch vocals? We can help.  In addition to being a self taught singer, I was fortunate enough to have been instructed by various vocal professionals.  These teachings have helped me develope the skills to shine as a lead singer in many groups, bands, and as a solo act.  If you are a songwriter and need professional lead and/or background vocals for your song, I can add vocals from your demo idea or come up with an exciting vocal arrangement based on your request.  

Bass Guitar - A song isn't complete until it has the solid low end from the bass.  Having been a professional studio and touring bass player for over 15 years, I have the experience to give your song the sound it needs.  I've played in just about every type of band; Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, African, Heavy/Light Rock, Reggae, Calypso, Jazz, Classical, Pop and Gospel.   Hear the difference a live bass guitar can add to your record.  

Recording/Mixing - I got my start on analog tape machines and really got into the whole studio thing just as tape recorders were fading out.  In order to stay current, I joined the digital revolution and started my own place "Smash Track Recording Studio".  I work on two of the most common digital recording platforms ProTools and Cubase.  However, as long as you have WAV, AIFF or high quality mp3 files, I can mix your tracks in standard Wav format 16bit(PCM)/44.1kHz and up to high definition 24 bit/96 kHz. 

On just about every song you'll find on this site, I was the recording/mixing engineer, bass player, and singer.  I would be happy to do the same for you so please feel free to contact me directly to discuss your project.  Once all details are confirmed, turn-around time is usually within 3-4 days...or less.  If I can't do what you need, chances are there is someone within the Kicksta Music Group that can!

TV-FILM Scoring/Music Production  - We do original full score/soundtrack creation, foley, full length album or single song production. In addition to having Jamie compose original music, we have access to the Kicksta Music Group / Kicksta Muzik Publishing library for licensing. We work with many different talented & creative composers which in turn allows the publishing catalogue cover many genres such as Hip-Hop, Classical, Rock, Country, Easy Listening. 


Session Vocals - $250 per song
Recording/Mixing - $50/hr
1 Song Rec/Mix Package - $225 (includes 5hrs of recording, mixing, overdubs and basic in-house mastering)
Bass Guitar - $150 per song
TV-FIlm Licensing/Music Production - Please Contact


contact: Jamie Sparks jamie@kickstamusicgroup.com
Smash Track Recording Studio
(a division of Kicksta Music Group)