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new single - i got your back - Available May 21, 2020

This song is different from my usual stuff. I wrote it during our State of Emergency, in regards to the strange new world we all sort of woke up to. Even the sounds I chose reflect an eerie uncertainty. 

It's been confusing, uncomfortable, difficult to deal with, and the separation! I still believe in the end, if we can be kind and look out for one another, we can get through it. Easier said than done, I know. Trust me...the arrows on the floor in the stores...Lord, I'm trying lol. 

It would be cool to see a video for this. Because of social distancing, we can't do one the usual way. But if someone out there is good with animation, or could use some stock footage etc., feel free to take the song, use your creativity & give it a shot. Maybe it can become The Official Video! 

Anyway, I have no idea how this is all gonna play out. It's gonna take some time. But I believe we are stronger together. And as they say...this too shall pass! 

Hope you enjoy the music.

Written, performed & produced at Smash Track Studios by Jamie Sparks

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New album is in the works for 2020. Recently completed a song with my son Kam Sparks and we will be releasing that song in spring of 2020. The song is called "Witness" so be on the look-out for that.
My new full length album WAKE UP CALL is available now here, on CD Baby and everywhere music is sold.

New Music. The single is "Wake Up Call" is out now. It's a song I hope will touch, uplift and inspire if you have suffered loss or just going through hard times. Download now in the store at CD Baby or wherever you get your music. You can watch the new video below.  Hope you enjoy the music. God Bless!

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